« A diary of a … kid », by LLM students

When you write your diary, you’ll experience special moments with yourself to know exactly what you feel and what you do in your daily routine. A lot of good things are going to happen to you during the writing process. First, you’re going to get healthy, “Everyone should have a form of a diary, it’s a great release.” (S.Victor Paskavich). Secondly, you’re going to learn a language when you try to express yourself .Thirdly, you’re going to be more patient and happy when you talk about your feelings and emotions. Then, you’re going to be more organized as you learn how to plan your task. Besides that, you’re going to be a better friend and to be able to solve any issue you can face with your peers. Finally, you’re going to overcome bad habits and improve yourself. If you like the idea, start thinking about your diary and join us!


English Teacher


My Experience With Writing A Diary by Clara Chehouri Clara 5ème D. ‘’ Hello! I am Clara, I have recently had an English diary assignment. My experience with writing a diary was actually pretty pleasing. I thought I wouldn’t like writing, but at my surprise I found that it was stress relieving. At the end of every day, I would write down all my emotions through the past day such as fear, joy, anger… Writing down my diary was a real pleasure!’’

Writing My Diary by Amine Bourobbi 5B. ‘’I liked to talk about what I did every day because it was like a summary of what I always do.  I also liked it because when I finished writing my 4-week-diary, I could remember the moments spent with my family and friends. Some moments were funny, some others were not…’’

When I Was Writing My Diary… by Hussein Salah. ‘’ The journal was one of the best projects I’ve ever done because it’s different from those we always do.  Another part that Iiked is that the teacher took the idea from « Diary of a Wimpy Kid » books, which are one of my favorites. At the end, I can say that I did a good job when I finished my task! ‘’