Manarat Al Saadiyat Outing – 3ème

What is Art? Is it Art? These are some of the questions that Grade 9 students of LLM had to think of during their visit to Manarat Al Saadiyat on Tuesday November 19. The contemporary Art Exhibition which is part of Abu Dhabi Art Week presented an innovative approach to art which challenged our young learners even more. From installations of old furniture, TVs inside bathtubs, a symmetric display of glassy donuts, to a “creepy” robotic lady, the 3eme students could think and link what they are studying about art in class to real life experiences. Could the banality of these everyday objects make them more interesting and thus a work of art? Some students were mesmerized by the use of colors and different techniques artists from around the world used to make their artwork visible, while others were intrigued by the display of items and thought of it as weird. And this is exactly what was intended from this visit: come up with unique interpretations of art the way each student sees it, imagines it, feels it, and lives it. After all, didn’t Picasso once say: “Everything you can imagine is real”?

After the guided tour, students were able to experiment and create their own artworks of Fabric Painting or Paper Glitch. The result? Masterpieces indeed!!!!

And to finish this exciting field trip, what about a relaxing moment to share and discuss this experience in the garden of Manarat Al Saadiyat?

Maryse Tabet