MOPI Games : Closing Ceremony

Euphoria is over. Time to be serious again. The young athletes focus to finish the last events of the afternoon. The young organizers dispatch themselves in the building, in all the activities. The young coaches motivate their teams. The young reporters are rushing to finish to post, write and edit the last moments of madness.

The organizers, together with the reporters, organize the closing ceremony. Trophies and medals are displayed on the tables. Flags, kakemonos are decorating the podium. Trolleys on the move. They’re bringing chairs and all the required material for the ceremony. We hurry. Organised. Sometimes, some young athletes show-up and admire the podium of the  2019 MOPI games, wishing they will get to climb on it. They’re inspired. Immediately, they return to their activities to try and gain as many points as they can.

3.30PM. Snacks are served. Sports events are finished. 4PM. Parents are arriving. The podium and the room are finally prepared. The French Ambassador is greeted by the organizers. Everybody’s sitting down. We are organizing the athletes, and place the reporters. We can now begin the ceremony.

Let’s start with a speech of the Ambassador, followed Mr. Willaume and Mr. Petillat. The young organizers, the young coaches, the coaches and finally to the young reporters are being thanked. The colors of the rainbow are marching on the podium.

The long-awaited moment finally arrives: the presentation of the trophies! Mr.Petillat takes the microphone to announce, first of all, the winners of the secondary trophies. The room is quiet. The crowd goes wild when the team Lycée Louis Massignon 6 is called to receive the culture trophy! Then come the teams Lycée Français Bonaparte for the combativity trophy, Lycée Louis Massignon 2, again, for the athletics one, then Lycée Français du Kuwait for the collective work. Finally, AFLEC lycée français international 2 team and its artistic trophy, followed by Lycée Théodore Monod 4 with the nature trophy and lastly Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou 1 for the fair-play trophy!

Congratulations to all these teams who have been the best in these events.

Let’s move on to the overall ranking now. The tension suddenly rises. Everybody is holding their breath. Hands get wet. « The team that finishes in third position is… The International French School of Riyadh! ». Thunder applause for them!

“We go straight to the 2nd ranking which is no one else than… AFLEC 3!” Congratulations!

« And finally… The first place is awarded to… Lycée Louis Massignon 1! Here are this year’s  champions who gave their best to get to this podium! Congratulations to them! But also congratulations to all of you for your participation, your commitment, your determination and your will! Be proud of everything you have shared and accomplished in joy and cohesion!”.

The music burts, the buffet is open, we sing, we cry, we have fun, happy of these three days that we are going to miss… Thanks to all the organizers, parents, young coaches, young  reporters as well as to the accompanying persons. But especially thanks to the young athletes!!



(Translated by Tim MEHRABANI)