Collaboration for A New World

On the 25th of May, the Seconde C students went on a field trip to Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, a yearly event welcoming over 150 000 visitors with hundreds of exhibitors from around the world. This outing had an interesting reason behind it. Going back in time, when the 2nde of this year were once CE1 students, some of them had the opportunity to participate in the writing of a book in Arabic called « A New World », with the help of the talented story writer and illustrator, Nairouz El Tanbouli. Every Tuesday for 3 months, an hour was dedicated to story writing. The book tells the story of a group of children coming from different countries from all over the world, united together in one classroom, sharing their different cultures forming a society dominated by tolerance, love, and peace. Originally written in Arabic, the book was translated into two languages, English and French by Maryam Yassein. Overall, the students were surprised to see the published book eight years later and enjoyed signing the copies of the book for their friends in the illustrator comer at ADNEC.
Farida Samy 2C – Jeune Reporteur